Concrete Memories, 2013

Cotton, sugar, concrete

The most potent or troublesome memories are often those stories that have been unexpectedly interrupted. When
the possibility of resolution has been lost through death, divorce, migration, relocation or other means of separation, we get caught in memory loops, retelling the stories over and over and over again, seeking closure, forgiveness, redemption: a glitch in the narrative thread.

I’m interested in the way memory tends to fade while simultaneously solidifying. The specific forms and arrangements in this body of work are triggered by a particular personal memory that has been haunting me for some time now. I started out creating a visual echo but during the process I realised it has become a memory exorcism.  

The rough dense weight of concrete references this solidification through a cumbersome and physically arduous process. The spectral fragility of muslin hovers over this weight, uncertainly rising to resolution or perhaps falling to add a further layer of obscuration.