Flow, 2017-18

Cotton, sugar, moving image projection

“A meditation on family histories and the shifting currents of memory. The unceasing flow of time, tide, and human presence are all evoked by this elegant work.” - Andrew Purvis

Our overall state of being is reflected in the quality of our breathing, its rhythms fluctuating often subliminally with our emotions. Equally, controlling the quality of breath can alter our state of mind. The ebb and flow of this work mirrors breathing in its most relaxed state, a rhythm replicated throughout nature.

As our physical bodies are continuously respiring, our memories are also in an endless cycle of ebb and flow, washing over us in tangible bodily sensations, knocking the wind out of us with an image or smell or sound we thought we had forgotten long ago.

Sometimes all we can do is breathe.

Images 1-6: Jessica Clarke Photography
Images 7-9: Courtesy National Art School Gallery, Sydney NSW. Photo: Peter Morgan